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International MBA BCN NY

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    Credits: 60 ECTS.
    Study Mode: Full Time.

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    Modalidad Abierta

El Master MBA también lo puedes hacer de forma presencial en toda España y modalidad ONLINE


✓We introduce you to the International MBA Barcelona - New York program.

The MBA is the management education programme par excellence and it prepares students to hold leadership and management positions in companies and institutions. The MBA is a general programme of educational training in business management and administration, which integrates all the areas of business operation. The world of business requires experienced professionals with advanced knowledge in the various fields of effective management, while at the same time demands personal skills such as flexibility, adaptability, reflection, resolution and creativity.

Study experience at Manhattan Institute of Management

Students are offered the possibility of studying a semester abroad in New York. The Manhattan Institute of Management is a private higher learning institution committed to offering students a high quality, global business education. MIM offers our students a real opportunity to gain insight into the meaning of business success, in New York and around the world. In the past 26 years, over 5,000 students from almost every country on earth have stepped through the gates of MIMs downtown Manhattan main campus.

🏅Acreditaciones que tiene el Master MBA

🎓 Titulaciones

Students who pass the course will obtain the International MBA degree from EAE Business School. Besides, students who fulfil the academic requirements established will obtain the degree from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (if studying in Barcelona) or from Universidad Camilo José Cela (if studying in Madrid).


Student participation and teamwork both constitute key elements in the development of the programme. The training becomes more in-depth and rich, as it is complemented and improved by the diversity of participants opinions and experiences.

The development of a Business Plan is a key element of the MBA programme. In its development, participants should consider the influence of various functional areas on the viability of a future business project and define the future business strategy, as well as design the implementation of business policies they consider necessary to the achievement of the short-term and long-term objectives of the corporation.

EAE online campus provides students with learning resources and updated information about course information, planning and assessment.

Business Game

Introducing a Business Game in the programme allows to test the capacity for analysis and the strategic thinking in competitive environments. Participants play the role of managers who must meet the demands of a business from the strategic approach to the balance sheet.

Events and Activities

Company visits, talks with businessmen from different sectors, conferences organised with directors of companies and organisations, symposiums and other events with experts and professionals take place during the course to show students business cases and relevant management experiences.

Personal Assessment

Personal and professional improvement of participants during the programme is shown on their ability to analyse themselves and identify their own potential and needs for improvement. Participants will undertake some activities together with an expert to develop their self-knowledge, the starting point to develop their managerial skills.

Teaching staff

The academic staff at EAE Business School is made up of expert professors in their area, who combine teaching with directive responsibilities in different companies. This is the best guarantee to acquire the more useful, up-to-date and practical techniques and concepts.

✔ Requisitos

Student Profile

The MBA programme is targeted at university graduates or specialists, having two or three years of work experience, who wish to develop an in-depth understanding about the function for business management and all its areas, with the purpose of reaching higher professional levels. The programme is also targeted at those professionals with previous experience who strive to update their knowledge to include the most up-to-date techniques of business management. One of the main values of an MBA programme is its multidisciplinary approach, comprising all areas of business management. From the very beginning, this approach has been promoted at EAE by the diversity of its MBA participants.

🏁 Objetivos

The general objective of the MBA is to provide business education to executives:

Who are able to evolve within the heart of complex diverse organisations.

Who are capable of inducing and managing flexibility and changes in reaction to new technologies, the appearance of new markets and social evolution.

Who are open-minded and receptive, capable of communicating and being creative.

Who are humanist and responsible in a context of sound business ethics.

Direccion Estrategica, Management


Business organisation

The aim of the course is considering how the structure of an organisation is in keeping with its strategy, human resources, organisational culture and management processes.

Strategic management

Participants are introduced to the steps to develop a business strategy and the most common problems in the process of planning and setting objectives, and control mechanisms to improve the achievement of targets while considering the mission of the company.

Managing skills

The course deals with competences and skills such as personal communication, team management, motivation, managerial behavior, decision-making or negotiations that help leaders and responsible people be able to act efficiently.

Economic environment

Analysis of the effects of micro and macroeconomic variables on the decision-making process of the company. Participants reach a sound knowledge of the economic forces governing business activity.

International legal framework

Given the markets trend towards globalisation, it is essential to know the international legal framework to minimize the legal risks in international transactions.

Marketing strategies

The aim of the module is to know the main marketing strategies and dealing in depth with case studies that are considered business milestones. Participants will learn to take decisions in the area of marketing coordinating a strategic view with the corporate marketing plan.

Marketing: concepts & policies

Participants will learn to define marketing policies suitable for the strategy of the company at the present time that will allow them to take proper decisions about product, price, communication and distribution leading to the achievement of the company goals and market needs satisfaction.

Market research

Participants will know various tools to analyse the market and find information relevant for the decision-making of the company using quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Commercial action plan

Participants will deal in depth with the role played by the commercial management and considering different ways of organizing a sales network, planning the role of the sales force, recruiting, motivation and compensation, among other topics.

Sales forecast

Participants will acquire an analytical intent necessary to check the veracity of the forecast in relation with real sales.

Financial planning and budget control

Participants are provided with a sound training that combines practical and theoretical aspects of instruments and techniques used in short and long term financial planning.

General and financial accounting

The aim of the course is providing the knowledge necessary to understand the information generated by the accounting processes of the company, the meaning of the balance sheet and the interpretation of the income statement.

Cost accounting

The course focuses on the concept and the analysis of different types of costs, as well as their calculation and managing possible deviations.

Analysis of financial statements

Students learn about financial statements in detail through case studies as well as the instruments available for their correct analysis.

Cash & Credit Management

In increasingly changeable and competitive markets, the process of taking short-term decisions, known as Cash Management or Treasury Management, plays a decisive role. Participants will learn to obtain information from customers and make correct interpretations and take good decisions.

Financing and investment decisions

Participants will learn the most truthfull and up-to-date techniques to develop their business plan, the feasibility of investments and the result tan can be derived from them.

Supply chain management

Future managers learn how to add value to the company through a global view of the techniques involved in supply, production and stock management.

Human capital management

The module intends to provide a global view of the interaction individual-organisation and to explain how to manage the relation between the human factor and the economic factor.

Corporate social responsibility

Companies are playing a role more and more active in society, specially through the generation of employment and wealth in their surrounding communities.

Information systems

The course deals with the most recent developments in research and innovating solutions to allow a more frequent and efficient use of information technologies supporting business networks.

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