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Máster MIB

Master In International Business

Master In International Business EAE Business School Madrid
  • Lugar/Modalidad:

    Presencial en Madrid

  • Duración:

    12 Meses / 60 ECTS

  • Fechas:

    Abril / Octubre

Study Mode: Full Time.


The MIB is a general programme of educational training in international business management, which focuses on all aspects of corporate administration. The programme integrates studies in all the areas of business activity in an effort to develop the most reliable policies and strategies that successfully achieve the objectives of a company in an international environment. The world of business requires experienced professionals with advanced knowledge in various fields of effective management, while at the same time demands personal skills such as flexibility, adaptability, reflection, resolution and creativity.

The MIB is based around the four fundamental elements of a successful international business education: functional methods and techniques, personal development, the importance of strategic information decision-making, and aspects corresponding to creativity and innovation. They are all crucial to establish roles in todays multinational and multicultural firms engaged in the constantly evolving world of global business.


The main objectives of the MIB are:

Train leaders able to evolve within the heart of complex international markets, and capable of inducing and managing flexibility and changes in reaction to new technologies, the appearance of new markets and social evolution.

Create leaders who are open-minded and receptive, capable of communicating and being creative.

IPAG Business School degree

Students are offered the possibility of studying a semester abroad in Paris. Founded in 1965, IPAG Business School is one of the most prestigious schools in France. It has campuses in Paris and Nice and a network of more than 90 international partners in 26 countries.


EAE lectures share their expertise and their knowledge on the latest research and business concepts in class through case studies, role-playing, company visits and group workshops. In some courses, group projects are an integral part of syllabus. Todays business leaders understand that learning is a strategic advantage. EAE offers an interactive, highly functional learning experience for a lifetime of success. Business people who are seeking to renew their outlook will discover that EAE provides a pivotal opportunity to step back from day-to-day-business, to explore new ideas, and to experience the freedom of learning.

Business Plan

The course provides students with the experience of carrying out a major piece of research, enabling them to draw on the knowledge and skills gained throughout the course, while providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers their intellectual and practical capacities.

Assessment Process

It will be evaluations of each part of the MIB programme, and all the evaluations will be taken into account when considering the final grade. During the academic year, the participants on the course will carry out and present a final Project. The final grade for this project will be based on the final report and the group dissertation at the end of the programme.

Teaching Staff

The academic staff at EAE Business School is made up of expert professors in their area, who combine teaching with directive responsibilities in different companies. This is the best guarantee to acquire the more useful, up-to-date and practical techniques and concepts.

MIB Course Director in Barcelona:

César Castillo López

Bachelor of Business Administration

EAE Academic Coordinator

MIB Course Director in Madrid:

Mario González

LDegree in Economics

Master in Statistics

Director of EAE Strategic Research Center

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🏅Acreditaciones que tiene el Master MBA

🎓 Titulaciones

Students who pass the course will obtain the MIB from EAE Business School. Besides, students who fulfil the academic requirements established will obtain the degree from Universidad Camilo José Cela (if studying in Madrid). Ipag Business School Degree Students who study a semester in Paris and successfully complete the programme, will also obtain the IPAG Business School official degree.

✍ Metodología

Flexible Start Date

Nuestra metodología innovadora y flexible nos permite ofrecer a alumnos internacionales un sistema de incorporación continua de varias etapas para que puedan incorporarse a las clases presenciales posterior al comienzo oficial del programa sin problemas.

Comercio Internacional, Logistica Internacional, Exportaciones e Importaciones, Administración de Negocios Internacionales, Marketing Internacional, Negocios Virtuales, Comercio y Marketing


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I graduated looking to enrich my skills and knowledge in this highly competitive and complex world. My knowledge applied to two different specialization areas: one of international trade issues and other terms of world affairs, I recommend to people with very different backgrounds: business, economics, history, political science, etc

MARC G. | 02-03-2024

Muy buena experiencia, gracias al personal administrativo y profesores que proporcionan una atención personal al momento de alguna inquietud.

LAURA | 23-02-2024

Un máster muy completo, me siento satisfecha de haberlo logrado y mejor aún seguir en contacto con compañeros y posiblemente en un futuro posibles compañeros del trabajo.

ANA B. | 07-02-2024

Temario Master In International Business 2024

Global Economics

This course looks at and studies the main economic concepts, principles and theories that help to explain the structure and functioning of the modern international and global economy.

Cross Cultural Management

The course provides students with the theoretical and practical tools necessary to improve their effectiveness and productivity in international business activities.

Leadership and Management Skills

The course will introduce you to modern management concepts and their historical development. It will acquaint students with managerial planning, organisation, control and motivation, ethics, decision-making and communication as well as various elements of group behaviour and leadership.

International Marketing

The course will enable students to identify and apply the main concepts and techniques of marketing to business problems. Marketing as a process, marketing planning or the role of marketing strategy within the business strategy dealt with during the course.


The course defines the core elements to develop an e-business strategy, including branding, competitive analysis, technology assessment, business method models and preparing for emerging trends. Course assignments will involve extensive case studies and on-line research.

Financial Management

The course provides students with a basic understanding of the techniques of corporate financial management. Students deal with the tools necessary for a financial planning and management at the medium and short term. They will also learn to evaluate the financial statement of an international company.

Managing Risk in International Finance

The course provides an understanding of the new risks that increasing globalisation has brought to multinational enterprises and it examines these risks and the way in which they can be managed.

International Taxation

Tax treaties, transfer pricing rules in international taxation, international estate planning, European tax law and international tax policy, basic international tax planning and value added taxation are some of the topics that will be dealt with from a business perspective.

International Project Management

Project management tests the knowledge, experience and personal qualities required by a professional project manager. Today, project activity and education in project management are making a comeback as work methods and procedures used by organisations to meet the challenges of increasingly international operating environments.

Corporate Internationalisation

The course is aimed at all managers and future managers of firms that have an international focus and an eye on market expansion. The course examines these issues from the perspective of a range of corporate indicators and it is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve decision-making on international issues for any corporation.

International Business Law

In todays business dealings, parties frequently have their principal places of business in different countries which raises various legal issues not present in a domestic transaction. There is an increasing body of law, which many countries adhere to and in this course we will be focusing on this and how legal risk in international transactions may be minimised.

International Human Resource Management

The objectives of this course are to introduce students to the basics of people management in organisations, allowing them to identify the internal and external factors of human resource management that are considered to be the most influential ones.

Media Communications Workshop

The course focuses on internal and external communication as a shared responsibility for all members of an organization and the need for training internal communication skills to achieve an effective and efficient communication with superiors, subordinates and peers, individually and in group.

Strategic Management

This course provides students with an opportunity to draw upon previous experiences and education, to apply various business concepts and analytical tools to complex problems and issues in organisational settings.

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