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MBA In Hospitality And Tourism Management

MBA In Hospitality And Tourism Management


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This program will be conducted in English

Success in the Hospitality and Tourism industries requires the development of decision-making skills, thorough knowledge of the sector and a global strategic vision.

Ostelea¿s Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA is designed with the objective of training the future leaders of the tourism sector: directors, professionals and entrepreneurs equipped to manage business projects in the tourism and hotel sector at the very highest level. To this end, the programme particularly focuses on the development of executive skills and aptitudes of a strategic nature.

Ostelea¿s MBA has been designed with the aim of gaining a deeper insight into the main managerial and organizational processes in tourism companies from an applied and strategic perspective, as well as evaluating the interrelation between these processes through case studies, practical exercises and research projects.

Reasons for studying the Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA at Ostelea:

Reputation in the field of management and tuition quality: Ostelea is the result of a partnership between one of the world¿s best business school, EAE (second best business school in Spain according to the Merco Ranking 2015), bringing its experience and reputation in management, with the Universitat de Lleida, Spain¿s top public university in terms of the quality of the tuition (Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo), awarded the distinction of International Campus of Excellence.

Multicultural approach: 66% of the students at Ostelea are international.

Rigorous academic programme: based on cultivating strategic thought and specific knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industry, an essential blend for executive positions in the sector.

Hotel business game: In the final tuition period, participants are organized into teams and they have to manage their own hotel company, competing on the global market that is dynamic and changing, in a realistic reflection of the real world, made up of other teams of students.

Extensive programme of visits to hotels, hotel chains, tourism companies and public authorities: As the participants need first-hand insight into the reality and trends in the sector, accompanied by executives in the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

Research group: Members of the Master¿s academic faculty form part of EAE¿s multidisciplinary tourism research group (GRIT-EAE), the scientific output of which focuses on the field of international tourism management.


- International vision of the tourism industry

- Effective management of touristic companies based on strategic plans and results orientated policies

- Provide a response to the training needs of executives of this field

- Develop the capacity of innovation and creativity among executives working in the touristic sector.

- Training in leadership skills

- Analysing global trends in tourism


Participants who successfully complete the programme at the Barcelona campus will receive a TRIPLE QUALIFICATION:
The qualification of Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA from the Ostelea, School of Tourism & Hospitality.
The qualification of Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA from EAE Business School.
The qualification from the Universitat de Lleida.

El MBA en Dirección de Instituciones Sociales para la atención a la dependencia abrió mis puertas al trabajo, enormemente agradecida al equipo docente.

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Ostelea¿s Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA is divided into 5 modules:

1. Operational Management in Hospitality and Tourism

2. Marketing and Commercial Management

3. Strategic Management of tourism companies

4. Elective Courses

5. Masters Thesis

Professional Opportunities

Hotel director or manager, or manager of other types of tourism establishment

Operational Director or Department Manager in tourism companies.

Corporate Director in hospitality and tourism companies, in any of the functional areas.

Director of companies operating in the tourism sector in general.

Positions of responsibility in companies and public institutions in the sector.

Positions in auxiliary companies in the fields of marketing and commercialization linked to the hospitality and tourism industries.

Business entrepreneur in the tourism sector, or related sectors.

Tourism and hospitality consultant/advisor


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