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Máster In Teaching English As a Foreing Language

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    Este curso lo puedes hacer de forma presencial en toda España y también en modalidad ONLINE

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The programme leading to the Master and Diploma in TEFL is intended for primary and secondary level English language teachers in public or private institutions teachers of EFL working in adult education graduates with relevant qualifications intending to work as English language teachers.

Why an interuniversity programme?

The TEFL Programme is the result of the collaboration between The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) and the Spanish and Latin American Universities listed below:

- Universidad de Jaén (España)

- Universidad de León (España)

- Universidad del País Vasco (España)

- Universidad de Vigo (España)

- Universidad de Mayor de San Simón (Bolivia)

- Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí (Ecuador)

- Universidad Santa María - Campus Guayaquil (Ecuador)

- Universidad Valle del Bravo (México)

- Universidad de Piura (Perú)

- Universidad Gran Colombia (Colombia)

Who is the programme for?

The programme leading to the Master, Diploma (Especialización) or Certificates (Extensión universitaria) in TEFL is intended for:

- Primary and secondary level English language teachers in public or private institutions.

- Teachers of EFL working in adult education.

- Graduates with relevant qualifications intending to work as English language teachers.

Holders of all degrees, irrespective of subject, can be considered for the programme as long as the following requirements are fulfilled:

1. Academic requirements


BA Honours (4 years of university studies) in a field relating to Educational Studies, Languages or Social Sciences. Degrees in other areas will also be considered for admission on the MA programme prior to completion of the entry exam.

If the candidate has ample experience in the TEFL field and holds an Ordinary degree (3-year degree), he/she may be admitted onto the MA course prior to individual evaluation by the Academic Committee.

Diploma & Certificate:

No previous university degree is needed, but the candidate will be asked to do an entrance exam before being admitted on to the course.



The programme does not consist simple of the delivery of content, but rather, just as in the case of face-to-face courses, it includes a series of pedagogical aspects aimed at promoting collaborative learning (between peers and tutors). All the courses are based on the following methodological concepts:

- Learning as a collaborative undertaking.

- A dynamic and constructivist concept of teaching and learning.

- Promotion of critical reflection on one¿s own teaching practice and beliefs.

- An approach based within the framework of action-research.

- Cohesive and multicultural groups.


All students are ¿attached¿ to the university where they have enrolled. You will thus be in contact with the Academic Director at the university where you have enrolled, but apart from this, you will also have the invaluable support and guidance provided by the programme coordinator and the team of tutors selected from the participating universities and FUNIBER. Contact with these tutors will be maintained via the Virtual Campus, e-mail or telephone. Our tutors will help you solve any queries you may have concerning the study material. Contact via the Virtual Campus is the most important means of interaction on the course.


The assessment process for the Master, Diploma and Certificates in TEFL, aims to maximise successful outcomes for students. Due to the practical nature of the courses, there are no examinations as such. Instead, a variety of methods for assessing performance are used including the submission of written assignments, reports, the creation of didactic materials, etc.

Your course tutor(s) will mark your assignments, and you will receive detailed feedback on your work through the Virtual Campus.

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