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Master In Project Management English

Master In Project Management English

por EAE Business School Madrid

14.000 € Campus Barcelona, 15.500 € Campus Madrid.


This program will be conducted in English.

The current market dynamism and business environment have led to companies and organizations needing to manage numerous projects in parallel. Within this context, the figure of Project Manager takes on a key importance in organizations and companies of all sizes, as they play a critical role in terms of designing efficient business strategies that take full advantage of the available resources. Meanwhile, globalization, the emergence of new competitors and sudden changes in business strategies mean that, as well as being equipped with an in-depth knowledge of project management, Project Managers also need to have highly developed personal skills and performance competencies.

In response to this business demand, the Master in Project Management is designed to equip executives to lead, plan, organize and oversee complex global projects efficiently and effectively. Professionals equipped to lead teams based on the development of executive skills and techniques required by directors. In short, Project Directors who can align the present needs of companies in terms of project management with the current requirements stipulated in the global standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI): minimizing risks, creating new opportunities and achieving the objectives that have been set.

Top 5 reasons to do EAE¿s Master in Project Management:

1. EAE Business School is a Registered Education Provider (REP) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the leading international association of Project Management professionals. To achieve this certification, REP institutions of the PMI have to comply with a rigorous set of quality standards, both in terms of the content and design of the Masters and the training of the academic faculty.

2. The Master in Project Management prepares participants to take the examination for certification as a Project Manager Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Students who successfully complete the Master are eligible to take the PMP® certification tests run by the PMI. These tests will be held in EAE¿s facilities at the end of the programme.

3. Members of the PMI: Participants on the Master in Project Management may register as members of the Project Management Institute, which enables them to take advantage of benefits including access to a multitude of bibliographic sources, such as the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

4. Professional & Academic Experience: every year we teach more than 45.000 class hours and we have trained more than 67.400 professionals and managers from 82 countries.

5. The best guarantee: our students. They play positions of international responsibility in the best companies: Levi¿s & Dockers Nike, Inditex, Deloitte, Levis, Ogilvy, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis or Unilever. Also we have signed more than 2.300 collaboration agreements with national and international companies.

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Students who succesfully pass the course will obtain the Master in Project Management degree from EAE Business School.

The objectives of the Master in Project Management are as follows:

1.PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Training expert Project Managers with the capacity to reach the targets set, increase profitability and enhance the overall quality of the project.

2.STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: Insight into the key aspects of strategic project management and its importance within the global strategy of the organization.

3.DECISION-MAKING: Strengthening decision-making in complex projects, taking into account all of the technical, financial, quality, environment and risk exposure aspects involved.

4.BUDGET PROFICIENCY: Knowing, selecting and adequately using the tools required for the effective management of project budgets.

5.PEOPLE LEADERSHIP: Equipping participants with the executive skills required to manage a project team in order to ensure its success.

6.PMI CERTIFICATION: Successfully passing the certification examination to become a Project Manager Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

✍ Metodología

Flexible Start Date
Nuestra metodología innovadora y flexible nos permite ofrecer a alumnos internacionales un sistema de incorporación continua de varias etapas para que puedan incorporarse a las clases presenciales posterior al comienzo oficial del programa sin problemas.

Equipos de Trabajo, Analisis de Proyectos, Management, Direccion de Proyectos, Controlling


Project Management: Structure, Portfolio and Finance

In the first module of the Master, we analyse the strategic reasons behind a project in order to improve its implementation: the company and its policies. We investigate the relationship between project management and the company, as well as gaining insight into concepts such as strategic project management, change management and organizational structures in projects, all applied to practical cases. The courses are:

- Strategic management and organizational business environment and financial management.

- Project management and project portfolio.

- Project finance.

Project Planning and Supervision: Scope, Timing and Cost

In the second part of the programme, we study the support techniques and tools available for managing planning a project, its scope, timing and cost, all through the resolution of practical exercises. We learn how to generate a schedule of estimated resource requirements and the duration of activities, the key factors in programming with limited resources and supervision of programming and budgets. The courses are:

- Management of the project scope.

- Management of the project timing.

- Management of the project cost.

People Management

In this area we will perform the best composition of human resources of the company, defining jobs and evaluate them based on study skills. The program also involves the training of leaders, where the student must learn and internalize various skills that take him/her to become a successful professional.

- Intellectual capital and talent management.

- Management skills.

Management of the Quality, Acquisitions, Risk and Legal Aspects in Projects

In the third module, we analyse the concepts, tools, procedures and techniques involved in the risk management of a project, including the development of corporate policies and regulations on risk-related issues, quantitative and qualitative risk analysis, statistical risk analysis techniques, and risk supervision and monitoring. With respect to quality, we study planning, assurance and supervision, as well as defining a Quality Plan for the project and using tools and techniques to improve the quality of processes. Lastly, we develop the methodology of acquisition management, the different aspects of contract strategies, the key factors involved in contracting between private entities, public and international contracting, and the different models of purchase contracts. The courses are:

- Management of the project risk.

- Management of the project quality.

- Management of the project acquisitions and legal aspects of contracting.

The Human Factor: People Management and Project Manager Ethics

We develop the competences required by a Project Manager, with the aim of effectively managing and developing the members of the team, being socially responsible and upholding a well-defined professional ethic. We study Human Resources planning, management of the project team and the personal competences of the Project Manager, always from a perspective focused on social and environmental responsibility. The courses are:

- Personal and ethical competences of the Project Manager.

- Human Resources Management in line with PMBOK.

- Project Sales Management.

Integration and Knowlegde Management

In the last module of the programme, we focus on two key aspects of a Project Manager. Firstly, we investigate how to integrate knowledge in the performance of project professionals and, to this end, we analyse the latest trends and methodologies available to Project Managers.

Secondly, we prepare students to gain PMP certification from the PMI, and we conduct a simulation in the Project Management Game. The courses are:

- Integration and knowledge management.

- New trends and methodologies in PM.

- Preparation for PMP Certification of the PMI.

- Project Management Game and Tools.


The objective of this course is to prepare students for certification tests for the PMP (Project Management Professional) accreditation issued by the PMI (Project Management Institute).


The culmination of the courses taken is a Final Masters Thesis, in which all of the knowledge acquired throughout the programme is put into practice. The Thesis is tutored by the participant¿s tutor for the Master, who provides guidance to the students in terms of meeting the various deadlines for submitting the various parts of the Thesis, which will be presented before a board of experts in the area.

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